Paper Scrap for Recycle

Does your company have an effective paper recycling program? Are you getting a return on your scrap paper, cardboard, and other paper waste? Everest Export Inc is the worldwide paper recycling company that provides B2B aswell as B2C paper recycling services to help your business.



With recycling plants in the worldwide trading network, Everest Export Inc can easily move fiber loads throughout the country and out to ports on the West and East Coasts for transshipment internationally.

  • lower your landfill expense
  • reduce your carbon footprint
  • generate revenue to improve your bottom line


Everest Export Inc. Specialized in bulk grades including, Mixed, News and Corrugated we are also have steady source of White Blank, Sorted Office Pack and Coated Book Stock. Our direct relationship with end users and producers enables consistent movement at competitive pricing.

We specialize in the following paper grades:
Sorted White Ledger
SWL #40
Old Newspaper
ONP #08
Mixed Paper
Sorted Office Paper
SOP #37
Old Corrugated Cartons
OCC #11
Double Lined Kraft Corrugated Cuttings
DLKC #13
Hard White Shavings
HWS #30
CBS #43

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