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We are a USA based top Import & Export company

Everest Export INC is a company headquartered in the United States. We have been exporting and importing goods around the world including United States for a long time. The world market has become a small website, through which we are working toward the goal of delivering the simplest to the largest items at home. Everest service from the US to Australia, Europe, Canada, Nepal and even all over the world is no issue. Everest Export Import is at the forefront of business, offering the best rates for air, land and sea shipping import and export services.



Scraps for Recycling

Paper, Copper & Metal

Scrap consists of recyclable materials left over from product manufacturing and consumption. Everest exports all kind of scrap ie, Metal, Paper & Copper at reliable cost. Reducing the amount of unwanted scraps, you can find the best way to begin.

Everest Import and Export CEO Anil Adhikari founded a company through his experience in this area and realized his dream. We are currently working primarily to bring drinking beverage and raw materials to the US market and to export them from the US market to other countries. We currently have two separate companies working in Nepal and India.

Not only for transportation, but also for storage and warehouse. Everest’s imports and exports have found a way to make transportation and warehousing successful by providing warehousing facilities to their customers. Now, we are working according to the plan to become the main dealer of beverage in Nepal, India, and other Countries. We are also exporting and importing raw materials of glass and metal and in the future, we are planning to manufacture bottles, papers, and Irons


Everest can provide all kind of liquor product with a reliable and cost-effective freight forwarding service to many locations. Highly experienced customs agents Everest can provide Dealership well-planned solutions specifically for alcoholic beverage companies.

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