Copper Scrap

Copper is one of the softest and versatile metals that are the good conductor of electricity. The reaction of copper with oxygen forms the copper oxide that is useful in safeguarding copper from corrosion. Since copper is widely utilized for architectural and electrical purposes, it can be easily observed in your home. Corrosion resistance, high strength, malleability, softness, and antimicrobial properties are the main reasons for its use in several fields. Some of the common places where copper is seen include:

  • Electrical equipment
  • Electrical motor
  • Gutters and downpipes
  • Radiator Cores
  • Communication cabling, and much more.

Currently, a total of around 8.7 million tonnes of copper per year come from the recycling of “old” scrap (copper contained in end-of-life products) and “new” scrap (generated during production and downstream manufacturing processes). The figure below shows how recycling is a core part of the overall copper value chain.


Everest Export Inc. Specialized in Processing of Copper Scrap including ICW-Insulated Copper Wires, Compressors, Radiators and Electric Motors. After Recycling Process we receive Pure 99.5% Copper Wire Nodules which we Export to Smelters and Refineries Worldwide. Our Copper Scrap Recycling Process ensures that the valuable Copper is stripped out and recycled to be reused back in the manufacturing industries.

  • We operate a copper wire scrap yard division, where we have good quality grades of copper wire scrap for sale. Whether you are looking for where to buy scrap copper and you want to buy a ton or a trailer load, our segregated scrap copper recycling packages are processed and packaged to exact customer specifications for foundries, copper wire, and specialty consumers.

    Our experienced 24/7 technical support, rapid on time delivery and export to anywhere in the world has given us the reputation as a reliable supplier of scrap metal, scrap copper wire. Customers can rely on us for current copper prices and copper price per ton.

Today, copper has many uses, which include: plumbing, construction, manufacturing, and electrical applications. Electrical wiring is the most common use of the metal due to its superior electrical conductive properties.

Copper is 100% recyclable and it’s the third most recycled metal after iron and aluminum. Researchers estimate that 80% of the copper ever mined is still in use today.

Because the metal can be used in so many different applications, manufacturers and other industrial accounts are always on the lookout for alternative sources of copper. Recycling copper is one of the best ways to make sure it is available on the market. It also ensures that companies don’t have to resort to mining since scrap copper recycling makes the metal readily available for use.

We recycle all types of copper:

  • Copper Wire
  • Insulated Copper Wire
  • Communication Wire
  • Plumbing Copper
  • Roofing Copper
  • Copper Sculptures
  • Coax Cables
  • Aluminum Copper Radiators
  • Household Items
  • Transformers
  • Electric Motors

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